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10 of the most bizarre WWE Superstars

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Unusual, controversial, or just plain strange, these WWE superstars certainly deserve to be called bizarre.

The Boogeyman. He's coming to get ya!
The Boogeyman. He's coming to get ya!

Professional Wrestling is, by its very nature, a reflection of society at large. The various characters and story lines are often ripped directly from real life. For example, during the Cold War numerous 'Russian' wrestlers popped up to garner cheap heel heat, including but not limited to Ivan Koloff and Krusher Krushnev. Krushnev would later become Smash in Demolition.

Other examples of wrestlers reflecting society include Farooq and the Nation of Domination, who are based on Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and the Million Dollar Man, who pokes at the Oligarch wealthy of America.

But then there are those wrestlers who are a reflection of parts of society we'd rather not discuss. These characters can be disturbing, hilarious, frightening, or a combination of all three.

Here are ten of the most bizarre WWE superstars to ever lace up a pair of boots, counting down from least to most outrageous.

#10. The Red Rooster.

The Red Rooster. Cock a doodle do!
The Red Rooster. Cock a doodle do!

When Terry Taylor joined the WWE in 1988, he was already an established star in other promotions. Taylor was regarded as one of the top talents of the mid south region, and once even challenged Nature Boy Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

After flitting around between the southern promotions, Taylor signed what must have seemed like a dream contract with the WWE. He had a few matches under the name "Scary" Terry Taylor, but then WWE decided to run an extended program where Taylor would transition to babyface and a new gimmick.

He was assigned Bobby Heenan as a manager. Heenan immediately began to belittle Taylor, poking fun at him for not being as large as Andre, as muscular as Rick Rude, or as technically sound as Mr. Perfect. Heenan also gave Taylor a new name; The Red Rooster.


The Rooster would rankle against Heenan's despotism, and eventually turned on his manager. He declared he would keep the Red Rooster name as a way of rubbing Heenan's nose in the whole situation.

Then, Taylor morphed into an actual anthropomorphic rooster, complete with dyed red cocks comb and a barn yard strut. Rooster feuded with the Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi and Mr. Perfect before disappearing from WWE.

Unfortunately, the Rooster gimmick haunted Taylor for the rest of his career, even when he headed to different federations.

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