The 4 worst WWE injuries of 2018

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Thomas Lowson

As former ECW Champion Tazz told the WWE Universe countless times on commentary, "this ain't ballet."

Indeed, injuries are sadly an occupational hazard in this industry, and whilst Superstars always hope to be as safe as possible with their opponents, the truth is that injuries happen at the very worst of times.

Look at Daniel Bryan in 2014. At WrestleMania 30, Bryan's odyssey to becoming the top star of the WWE was finally reached, defeating Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton on the same night to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

And just months later, his reign came to an abrupt end as he surrendered the gold due to injury.

Here are the four worst WWE injuries of 2018.

(Note: We will not be including Roman Reigns' leukemia diagnosis on this list. Whilst the ailment is awful news for Roman, his family and his fans, it was not caused in the ring. Get well soon, Big Dog!)

#4 Triple H

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Triple H is no stranger to injury, tearing his quads not once, but twice, the first in 2001, and the second in 2007.

But at Crown Jewel, the Game teamed with the returning Shawn Michaels, to face the Brothers of Destruction.

Whilst DX won the battle, it later came out that the King of Kings had suffered a torn pectoral muscle, with H posting a very nasty bruise online.

This injury has thrown a lot of WrestleMania plans up in the air, as it was rumored he would be facing Batista at WrestleMania 35, as hinted at on SmackDown 1,000.

Now with those plans possibly ruined, the question remains who will the Animal face, if he even decides to return to the company in the first place?

Hopefully, The Game will be back soon, establishing himself as the King of Kings once again.

#3 Sami Zayn

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Joining NXT many years ago, Sami Zayn was one of WWE's most beloved and most natural babyfaces.

So when the company turned him heel on SmackDown in late 2017, it was shocking to many fans, with Zayn stooping very low to aid his best friend Kevin Owens.

Sadly though, we won't be seeing Zayn for quite a while, with Zayn suffering two torn rotator cuffs, that has kept him sidelined for several months now.

This injury halted his feud with Bobby Lashley, who has since turned heel as well, meaning it's unlikely we'll see the two go at it once the Underdog from the Underground returns.

Fortunately, according to reports, Zayn is healing a lot faster than expected, and whilst an initial diagnosis said Zayn wouldn't return until at least after the Rumble, he now could return before.

A shock appearance in the match would certainly be memorable.

#2 Alexa Bliss

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When Alexa Bliss joined the main roster as a part of the 2016 Brand Extension, few could've expected the massive success she'd have.

Never holding the NXT Women's Championship, Bliss proved all her doubters wrong at TLC 2016, winning her first of five Women's titles on the main roster.

But over the past month, Bliss has been pulled from all matches and hasn't competed, either on TV or at WWE Live events for several weeks. The report going around is that Bliss is dealing with concussions, something that the company has fortunately taken a lot more serious over the past decade.

It seems the WWE do have backup plans in case the worst happens, with the rumor going around that Bliss will replace Baron Corbin as RAW GM after TLC, similar to Paige becoming SmackDown GM in April.

Hopefully, though, this won't be the case, and Bliss will return to the ring when the time is right.

#1 Becky Lynch

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Whilst Becky Lynch won't be on the shelf as long as other Superstars on this list, her injury may have been the worst of the year.

Turning heel at Summerslam 2018, Lynch has reinvented herself, becoming the company's most popular star, with her devastating promos and cocky attitude.

Unfortunately, on the go-home RAW to Survivor Series, The Man suffered a severe concussion and bloodied nose, courtesy of the #FaceBreaker Nia Jax.

This injury instantly halted all plans the company had for Lynch going into the pay per view, with the Lass Kicker choosing former friend Charlotte Flair to face RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey in a cross-branded contest.

The only good side (if there is one) to all of this, is that the fans are still very much behind Becky, showing her true star power despite not competing.

This bodes well for the Lass Kicker, who is hoping to return very soon.

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