5 G1 Climax 30 MVP candidates 


#4 Kota Ibushi (vs. Suzuki - G1 Climax 30 Day 13; vs. Takagi - G1 Climax 30 Day 11; vs. Ishii - G1 Climax 30 Day 5)

Kota Ibushi defeated SANADA in the G1 Climax 30 Finals to win back-to-back tournaments, but he more than made a statement throughout this month with outstanding matches every night. The very best G1 Climax 30 encounter was Ibushi against Suzuki on Day 13. These two men put on a showcase of strong style that will be looked back on for years to come. However, that was not his only stellar match.

Ibushi had a fantastic main event against Shingo Takagi on Day 11. He also had a bruising war with Ishii on Day 5. His main event matches against Jay White and Will Ospreay as well as his high octane sprint facing Jeff Cobb would be remembered more fondly if not for the vast amount of tremendous efforts we saw on every show in the G1 Climax 30.

Ibushi has really overcame a quiet 2020 for himself after failing to become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Wrestle Kingdom 14. While 2019 seemed obvious to be his year, this tournament showed that he could come out of nowhere and prove that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. His strikes, selling and dramatic finishing sequences made every match stand out in the G1 Climax 30.

Edited by Andrea Hangst
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