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The biggest winners and losers of last night's Raw (April 15)

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Raw just got phenomenal?
Raw just got phenomenal?

Last night was the first stage of the Superstar Shake-up and Raw tuned up its roster with a couple of huge names coming from SmackDown as well as a notable NXT call up that already got the infamous "main roster treatment."

The red brand was in a dark age last year and badly needed a tune up at the very least. How well did it do in the Shake-up? How well did the superstars who came over do in the Shake-up?

Let's take a look at who got the most and least from Raw last night.

Winner: The Raw tag team division (losers: the "Viking Experience")

The Raw tag team division got the most radical overhaul of any of the divisions last night. Suddenly, the division that had been the worst in the company for the past year now looks like it's one of the best.

With The Usos coming over, Aleister Black and Ricochet staying, and a new NXT call up, things look good. Don't expect Hawkins and Ryder to carry those titles for long.

And yet...I join almost everyone in panning the "Viking Experience." The name change already makes the current NXT tag team champions feel like dopes. Their personal name changes to Ivar and Erik are just as bad.

It's like Vince McMahon took one look at them, decided the word "war" was unacceptable for some odd reason that only he knows, and decided to use a silly 80s trope that would never get over in today's world.

As a result, the "Viking Experience" already feel like they're DOA even though they performed well last night.


It's also concerning that Aleister Black and Ricochet are staying together as a tag team, even though they should be going their separate ways as singles competitors by now, but we'll just need to see where it goes.

However, the tag team division itself is going to improve markedly.

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