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The biggest winners and losers of last night's RAW (January 6)

Published Jan 07, 2020
Jan 07, 2020 IST

This was new, at least.
This was new, at least.

RAW brought its first showing of the new decade with a mind to building up the Royal Rumble, which is now only 19 days away. With the Road to WrestleMania now underway, who got closer to a match at the big stage and who is aimless right now? Let's take a look at the results from last night's RAW to find out?

Winner: The WWE title scene

No title in the company has been more ambiguous than the WWE Championship itself in recent months. No obvious challenger awaits for Brock Lesnar, either at the Royal Rumble or beyond it.

With this announcement, the company gave us something new, as well as something that could clear up the cobwebs. Instead of having Brock Lesnar be a part of a filler title defense at the Royal Rumble, he will enter the eponymous match itself.

It's obvious he won't win, but whoever eliminates him will be first in line for a title shot, presumably at WrestleMania (this probably means a SmackDown star is winning the Rumble this year - with Roman Reigns being the favorite).

Anyway, on the RAW side of things, it means that anything can happen. The field is wide open and that's something more exciting than we've usually seen.

Brock Lesnar reigning as absentee world champion is beyond played out, but the scramble for his title that will take place in the Royal Rumble match itself is at least something with novelty.

Credit for the company where credit is due. Everyone will at least have a shot at a marquee match now. No obvious favorites exist at the moment to challenge Lesnar.

This will make the Royal Rumble match even more exciting than it usually is. It's a rare case of out of the box thinking.

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