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The biggest winners and losers of last night's Raw (May 6)

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:57 IST

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Oh look, another match where the champions lose without the titles on the line. Normally, this would put the Viking Raiders in the losers column, as the winners of these matches rarely go on to capture gold when it actually counts. Yet, Hawkins and Ryder are so low on the totem pole that this should be an exception to that rule.

Either way, the sooner the titles are on the Viking Raiders, the better.

Losers: The Revival and The Usos

The dirt sheets weren't kidding about a series of humiliations being on the way for The Revival. A dose of "Ucey Hot" apparently made the former champions so itchy that the match couldn't begin.

This was more than a humiliation for The Revival, though. The Usos are WWE's best tag team of the decade. Why are they wasting their time in segments like this? They, too, deserve better.

All this did was take away from the talent and the viewing experience. If Vince McMahon wants to find out why people want to leave his company and why viewers are leaving in droves, he should look at this segment.

Published 07 May 2019, 18:19 IST
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