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The biggest winners and losers of last night's RAW (November 4)

05 Nov 2019, 18:56 IST

NXT is back.
NXT is back.

(Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece and the views expressed are of author's own)

There was a lot going on last night, making this week's RAW perhaps the most notable of the year. The fallout from Crown Jewel and the build to Survivor Series were in full effect as NXT once again invaded the main roster, while Brock Lesnar looked for Rey Mysterio.

Survivor Series in recent years has come under criticism for the "meaningless" brand vs. brand format and this year in particular, it seems even more so because of the "wild card" nonsense that reigned for six months. Yet, who can deny that it's probably the most fun show of the year? Episodes like this make that case. Survivor Series, at least on paper, always serves up the most entertaining card in WWE, and this year's looks like it will be no exception. We saw previews of that last night.

Nevertheless, this time of year also means that WrestleMania plans are starting to take shape, so who got the most and least out of last night's RAW?

Loser: All of WWE

As Seth Rollins would mention later on, it feels like the entire year was for nothing. Make that closing in on three years. Brock Lesnar is back on RAW, absentee champion once again, and the show once again is trapped in this never-ending nightmare. The same Brock Lesnar matches, the same Paul Heyman promos, the same waiting for months for the red brand's top title to show up again, as will surely happen when Rey Mysterio inevitably falls at Survivor Series.

At least WWE could have done a fun match by giving us Brock Lesnar vs. The Fiend, but because of this obsessive need to make Brock Lesnar look strong, it won't happen.

Same old, same old, year in, year out.

And they wonder why the audience is declining.

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