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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (April 24)

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SmackDown April 24th Big Cass
An unexpected start.

Last night's SmackDown was a disappointment for the stacked roster it now has. It's clear that both brands are in a holding pattern until the Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash have concluded, as many interbrand matches prevent new storylines from developing.

That's not to say that last night was totally without incident. A few things cleared up, giving us hints of what we can expect for the coming months.

Winner: Big Cass

The show started with a promotion that Daniel Bryan would appear on Miz TV. The segment was highly anticipated. Instead, Big Cass appeared, being revealed as having laid Daniel Bryan out. It wasn't entirely without worth though, as Cass delivered the best promo of his career, explaining his motivations in his attacks, upset that a giant of a man like him was being overlooked by the "ordinary" Daniel Bryan, who got medically cleared on the same day.

The delivery was crisp and Cass' motivations clear. He wasn't revealed as Miz's muscle. Cass and Bryan will have a match at Backlash, where we'll be able to determine if the former's ring skills have improved along with his mic skills. Nonetheless, Cass probably has more fans than he did last week. As long as he isn't rocketed to the title, he's shown he deserves a chance.

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