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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (February 26)


It's happening.

Compared to Raw, SmackDown this week served up a disappointing show, except in one notable area.

Fastlane is a notorious filler pay per view, but while the return of Roman Reigns was always going to get shine on Raw, this week's episode of the blue brand didn't have much notable to it, except for some surprise returns that mostly went flat.

Elsewhere, we got another unnecessary Charlotte Flair promo instead of a good follow up with what happened with Asuka last week, the United States Championship still feels like the least important part of the midcard, and worries with the NXT call ups linger, not to mention Lacey Evans' walk down the ramp getting stupider by the week.

Who got the most and least out of last night's show? Let's take a look.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Well, those concerns about Fastlane have been erased. Kevin Owens returned and took Kofi Kingston's spot at the most filler of filler pay per views. That's great news for Kofi Kingston. It means a WrestleMania showdown with Daniel Bryan is all but certain.

Given how hot Kingston is, why not run with it? This was a smart decision from WWE. Owens has routinely disappointed in the main event scene, so there's good cause to get his title shot over quickly and send him back down to the mid card.

Fortunes certainly can rise and fall fast in this company.

Losers: The Bar


Speaking of falling fortunes, let's remember that The Bar were tag team champions just last month. Now they're losing left and right. Obviously, the return of Matt Hardy was going to get some buzz. Why not throw one of the lower-rung tag teams out there to take the loss though? It isn't like SAnitY has been doing anything better of late.

The Bar is one of the few legitimate tag teams in the entire company, so it was saddening to see them used so badly.

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