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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (January 10)

Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST

John Morrison returned to Miz TV.
John Morrison returned to Miz TV.

The Blue Brand continued an attempt to build its Royal Rumble programs on last night's SmackDown. With the major pay per view now only two weeks away, the pressure on the superstars is certainly increasing. With WrestleMania season already underway, who got the closes to a prominent spot on last night's show and who lost out? Let's take a look.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison

Despite his long absence from WWE, it didn't look like this partnership missed a beat as John Morrison ragged on the fans for turning on The Miz after one bad day, while the latter boasted about his former tag team ally's accomplishments to remind viewers who he was.

This ultimately led to a match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston, which the former won.

A tag team title match between these two and the New Day at the Royal Rumble is now almost a guarantee. Morrison and Miz might well win it.

Either way, the odds are high that Miz and Morrison will be involved in the tag team title picture heading into WrestleMania, which isn't a main event level match to be sure, but it's certainly a lot better than what Miz was doing at this time last year with his awful feud with Shane McMahon.

Loser: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss lost to Mandy Rose last night. It might have come through a distraction, but it's these kinds of lame finishes which help no one.

Besides that, Mandy Rose has been booked low for so long that losing to her only hurts Alexa Bliss in comparison, given her long list of accolades (however much I personally disliked her time at the top of the women's division).

One suspects that Bliss will get her revenge at some point, but this was a bad look.

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