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The biggest winners and losers on last night's Raw (May 14)

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Roman Reigns Raw May 14th

Last night's Raw was...well, "terrible" is a fitting descriptor, surely? One segment aside, the show fell flat, with forgettable segments, the start of forgettable rivalries, and annoying returns to form for a company whose booking is inconsistent at best. Obviously, the bad booking of Backlash was still very much around last night.

We did see some Money in the Bank qualifiers, though. So important things did happen. Did anyone manage to get wind in their sails?

Loser: Roman Reigns

After coming out to thunderous boos, Roman Reigns remained the conspiracy theorist, lashing out about how the company wants to keep him down and going on a rampage against Jinder Mahal, attacking him backstage and later in the night to begin their rivalry that nobody wanted to see.

The problem with this angle is that it insults fans' intelligence - a common trait in the WWE, and no one is buying it as a result. Fans know the company doesn't want to keep Roman Reigns down. The inauthentic nature of the story thus prevents it from connecting with fans.

If Vince wants Roman to be his champion, he should make him his champion instead of trying to artificially build sympathy for a character who was already despised. All this angle has done is made Roman Reigns even more hated. Enough with this nonsensical holding pattern.

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