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The biggest winners and losers on last night's SmackDown (May 15)

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SmackDown Results May 15
Their best match so far.

Contrary to the impression I got from the spoilers, SmackDown last night proved to be a good show. Most major storylines were advanced and while there was a questionable booking decision (more on that later), it proved good for the night. The crowd seemed to be hotter last night than it was for Raw as well.

Who came out with the wind in their sails and who lost heat as a result of this show?

Loser: Big Cass

It looks like those promos from a few weeks ago are already proving to flashes in the pan. Perhaps Big Cass really does have ill will backstage, because, after his terrible performance at Backlash, he came out, cut an equally terrible, whining promo, and then proceeded to get his butt kicked by Daniel Bryan, to the delight of the crowd.

All of Cass' heat has now dissipated. He looks like a geek.

Bryan for his part was very crisp in the ring and on the mic, announcing his championship aspirations. We can hopefully look forward to much better things in his future after Bryan hopefully puts Cass out to pasture.

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