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The biggest winners and losers from Friday Night SmackDown (September 4, 2020)

On SmackDown, the moment came at last.
On SmackDown, the moment came at last.
Modified 06 Sep 2020

The Sept. 4 edition of SmackDown did what it needed to do in terms of slowly building up to WWE's next pay-per-view event, after the sprint of airing SummerSlam and Payback back-to-back. Now, there's a lot of room to work with. How did the company do and who got the most and least out of it?

SmackDown Winner: Roman Reigns

It finally happened. It's just a shame that it couldn't happen in front of a live audience, because it would be one of the most memorable segments in a long time.

On Friday's SmackDown, Roman Reigns officially turned heel, bitter that he was "cast aside" after recovering from a life-threatening illness, uncaring about who his next opponent would be, and arrogant about his strength. Like something out of Dragon Ball, Roman Reigns said that "When you have this sort of power, all you have to do is show up and win."

This is the sort of character evolution that WWE fans have clamored for for years and now it's finally happening. The addition of Paul Heyman, who he has several years of history with, only makes it more intriguing. However, Heyman doesn't appear to be the devil on Roman Reigns' shoulder that tempted him to turn to evil. Rather, he decided on his own and Paul Heyman was simply a useful partner on his new path.

At any rate, Roman Reigns has become the focal point of the company again; the one fans want to watch out of everyone else. He feels much more natural in this role than he ever did when he was constantly struggling against Brock Lesnar for all those years.

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Published 06 Sep 2020, 03:23 IST
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