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The Brooklyn Brawler talks The Rock not liking his first WWE deal, getting knocked out by The Ultimate Warrior

Jon Fuentes
1.92K   //    12 Oct 2016, 09:52 IST
The Brooklyn Brawler

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho recently hosted Steve ‘The Brooklyn Brawler’ Lombardi as the latest guest on his podcast Talk Is Jericho, to discuss various topics with the Brawler including The Ultimate Warrior being very green in his early days and knocking him out in the ring as a result.

They also spoke about WWE’s beloved former champion ‘Brahma Bull’ The Rock not being happy with his first deal given to him by the WWE.

Brawler started off by explaining that Warrior had knocked him out twice in the ring, turning a simple headlock into a devastating elbow to the elbow:

“He [Warrior] was very green in the beginning and he knocked me out twice. He knocked me out. I said, ‘give me a simple headlock’ and he gave me an elbow to the head, to the temple. But he wasn’t coming along. I mean, he was never the greatest worker, but he was a great draw. He would blow up just running to the ring. As soon as he got to the ring, he’d be out of breath.”

The WWE then wanted to test Warrior’s temper by telling him Brawler would be going over on him. Brawler liked Warrior so much that he pulled him aside to warn him, instructing him to go along with it to play well into the eyes of WWE officials:

“The office told me, ‘we’re going to tell Warrior that you’re going over to test his attitude’. Now, I liked him so much, I took him to the side and I said, ‘Warrior, they’re testing your attitude. Just say ‘yes’.’ That’s a secret between me and Dana [Warrior]. I promised Dana I would never say anything. Dana, it’s out!”

Brawler then told the story of The Rock’s first match in the WWE, and how The Rock told Brawler he knew every spot but would later reveal in his book that he went into the corner and wrote every spot on a napkin.

Rock would impress by executing the moves perfectly in his match and would be greeted with a contract as a reward. Rock and the Brawler later discussed how Rock was unhappy with the financial numbers in the deal, to which Brawler states he set The Rock straight:

And then, he gets a contract. And then, we go out to dinner and then he's telling me, 'I'm not happy'. I said, 'shut your mouth!' He didn't like the [dollar] figure and the figure was a good figure. I said, 'how could you not be happy? You have seven dollars to your name!”

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