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The history of the McMahon family's championship success in WWE

Vince McMahon is a two time world champion in WWE
Vince McMahon is a two time world champion in WWE
Aaron Gales
Modified 28 Oct 2020, 09:35 IST

The success and domination of the WWE over the last 30 years can be laid firmly at the door of Vince McMahon and his family.

Chairman and CEO Vince, his wife Linda, son Shane and daughter Stephanie have all held significant roles in transforming WWE into arguably the biggest sports entertainment brand around.

The McMahon family's main positions have been behind the scenes or in management roles. However, Vince, Shane and Stephanie have all enjoyed a taste of holding championship gold.

In this article we look back at when the family had some of the biggest titles in the company's history around their waists.

#1 WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

McMahon had a long feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin
McMahon had a long feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin

The owner of WWE has regularly featured in matches against some of the top stars in the company. He's enjoyed feuds with a number of top names, most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Spending most of his career out of the ring, Vince has occasionally excelled in the squared circle and has a number of major achievements to his name.

He won the WWF title in 1999, thanks to assistance from long-time adversary Stone Cold Steve Austin. With Triple H about to execute the Pedigree, Austin's entrance music hit and he came out of the crowd.

He hit Chyna and then Triple H with a Stone Cold Stunner, before placing the exhausted McMahon on top of Triple H to claim the victory. Vince would vacate the title just six days later.


McMahon would add to his list of achievements by winning the ECW title at Backlash 2007. He defeated Bobby Lashley in a three-on-one handicap match, with assistance from his son Shane and Umaga.

#2 WWE Producer Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was a one-time European champion in WWE
Shane McMahon was a one-time European champion in WWE

Just like his father Vince, Shane McMahon has also tasted championship success during his time with the WWE, as a very credible in-ring performer.

Shane would win his first major title by defeating X-Pac, with assistance from Kane and Chyna, to win the European Championship. X-Pac was in the middle of a long run with the European gold, but lost the match when Chyna passed McMahon the belt, which he hit X-Pac with and covered him to steal the title.


McMahon is officially recognised as holding the championship for a period of 47 days before it was retired, though it would be reactivated later that year. Shane then enjoyed a much shorter reign as Hardcore Champion in an era where it was defended on a 24/7 basis.

In a match between defending champion Steve Blackman and Test, McMahon won the championship with assistance from then-tag team champions Edge and Christian.

However the victory would be short lived and would ultimately backfire on Shane, as he was ordered by Mick Foley to face Blackman in a rematch at SummerSlam just six days later.

That match would become famous for the ending, as Shane fell 50 feet while trying to avoid Blackman and his famous kendo sticks before losing the belt.

#3 WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie would hold the Women
Stephanie would hold the Women's Championship for 146 days

The final member of the McMahon family to taste championship glory was Vince's daughter Stephanie, who enjoyed one reign as WWE Women's Champion.

Making her debut with the company in 1999, she was thrust straight into a dramatic storyline between Vince and The Undertaker, which led to her being stalked and abducted by the Deadman. She was eventually rescued by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

From that point on, she would be a regular face on WWE programming. After a much-publicised on-screen relationship with Test, Stephanie eventually married Triple H, on screen and off. He was at her side when she claimed the only championship belt of her career.

Thrust into a match against Women's Champion Jacqueline, Stephanie was understandably nervous, despite having her husband and then-WWE Champion Triple H at her side. However, she soon felt more confident with the rest of DX in her corner, as she was joined by X-Pac, Road Dogg and Tori.

With the referee momentarily distracted, X-Pac tripped Jacqueline. Tori then joined Stephanie in the ring and hit Jacqueline with a DDT. This allowed Stephanie to cover her and claim the championship gold, before being hoisted aloft by Triple H and the other members of DX.

Stephanie alongside husband Triple H and brother Shane McMahon
Stephanie alongside husband Triple H and brother Shane McMahon

She would go on to hold the belt for 146 days, before losing it to the high-flying Lita. Stephanie was beaten after suffering a spine-buster at the hands of special guest referee The Rock, ending her one and only reign as WWE Women's Champion.

Published 28 Oct 2020, 09:35 IST
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