The Good Brothers discuss IMPACT's new recruits, AJ Styles' reaction & more [Exclusive]

The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!
The Good Brothers have taken IMPACT by storm!

Sportskeeda meets The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers and Eddie Edwards proved to be a dominant force!
The Good Brothers and Eddie Edwards proved to be a dominant force!

You've kind of bridged into my next question there, which was, on the opposite end of that scale, are there any talents you have been in IMPACT for a while that new fans may not know about but have particularly impressed you guys since you've signed?

Anderson: Yeah, I've brought up Ace Austin a couple of times. He's 23 years old and, as talented as he is, as young as he is, what an opportunity he has. And Fulton, you've got the huge guy. You've got Willie Mack who people might have heard, might not have heard of.

The eyes are on IMPACT right now and I'm glad that Eddie Edwards was able to be seen in the main event winning the championship like that. Right now, with all these new guys coming here, and the Good Brothers coming to IMPACT, there's going to be some eyes on IMPACT right now, these next couple months of television are important because you're going to get new eyes watching and these new guys need to deliver, and I think they did, and that's why it's so exciting to be a part of IMPACT right now.

And names have been in IMPACT for a while. You've got Ace Austin on the younger end of the scale, 23 years old and a guy taking the world by storm, and there's also people like Ken Shamrock, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Rhino.

A lot of big names, big veteran names in the locker room. I've been told you guys are the best in the business at popping the boys backstage so I would have to assume that the locker room has taken to you well. How do you feel like you're fitting into the IMPACT locker room?

Gallows: Oh, it's been really fun. A lot of old faces that have known from different times in our career and a lot of young guys that haven't been around us and don't understand how nuts we can be. I think that's what we bring to the locker room. We're big locker room guys, we like to have fun, but what we also want to do is get more eyes on the IMPACT product.

Definitely. There's a lot of chat... We mentioned earlier about some Aces and Eights merchandise sitting around unused. There's been a lot of talk online about a potential reunion. Is that something guys feel like you'd like to be involved in, and who would you want to be involved with if so?

Gallows: Oh, you know, I couldn't be in any faction that didn't have the Machine Gun. No matter what it's called, whether it's called Aces and Eights, the Bullet Club. We made each other. I would also want to bring in Rocky Romero, Tama Tonga and Heath, and I don't know if we can get some attitude then Ace Austin than and I'll take Madman Fulton as well. I can chill and drink more beer, he can handle the action for me.

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