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The Miz: "I loved Daniel Bryan's debut"

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"Im Awesome"

“Im Awesome”

The Miz spoke about the location and the weather at WrestleMania 29′s location. He also discussed about his upcoming movie.

What it’s like always being out on the road: “Right now I’m in Buffalo. I go to Albany tomorrow. I go to New York City on Wednesday. Thursday I go to LA, which is my home, and then Friday I’m back out to Colorado for more WWE live events. So I really don’t get, you really don’t get much time to rest in the WWE. But that’s what you sign up for, ya know? I want to be performing in front of those thousands of people and entertaining them each and every day. So WWE allows me that opportunity.”

On whether or not he misses tag team wrestling: “I love tag team wrestling. Growing up as a kid, I loved tag teams like The Rockers, Demolition and Legion of Doom. And I was just a huge fan of tag teaming. I’ve gotten the opportunity to be a four-time tag team champion, and I’ve been very successful with it. So, yeah I do miss tag team wrestling from time to time, but I also love being a single wrestler. In the WWE, whenever you can have the spotlight only on you, guess what? That’s the better.”

On Wrestlemania 29′s location and the cold weather: “I’m wearing a turtleneck. I’m wearing a turtleneck out to the ring. Everyone’s nervous. You could have snow at Wrestlemania.”

On what made him decide to wear trunks back in the day: “It was like a mutual kind of idea. I got fired from the WWE by Jeremy Piven, because he was the guest host. And then the next week I was in a contract on a pole match where I came back as the Calgary Kid, and I wore trunks because I didn’t want anyone to know it was me, and I was in a mask and so you really couldn’t tell it was me. Plus, I had never wore trunks before. And once I saw myself in trunks I was like, ya know what, it looks more professional, it looks less hokey and less gimmicky, and I think people will take me more seriously if I wear trunks. So that’s kind of where the change happened.”

Daniel Bryan‘s WWE debut: “I loved it. I loved every single second of it. Because I don’t care how much time you’ve had in the ring, once you get to the WWE, that’s when you’ve made it to the mecca. That’s when you’ve made it to the big leagues. I was there for, I believe at the time maybe four or five years, and Daniel Bryan just came into the WWE. So, when you’re in the WWE your first year you’re a rookie.

“I think Daniel looked at the opportunity like it was. He came from an independent background where he was widely known as one of the best that’s ever happened in wrestling. Period. And so, to come into the WWE as a rookie, I would imagine he would be laughing at it, ya know?”

Here’s an audio clip from the interview:

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