The reason behind Xavier Woods' absence, Booker T training former NFL player and more

Why was Woods absent?

– Xavier Woods has been one of the most entertaining superstars in the WWE as of late.

The current Tag Team Champion with the New Day, Woods has been reeking of charisma. His recent exploits of him playing the trombone have put him over with the fans. The New Day have been one of the main reasons in recent times to provide basic entertainment value in WWE.

Xavier Woods, who was last powerbombed through a table on RAW has not been seen since. Big E and Kofi, his teammates have been blaming the Dudleys for their act.

Woods maintaining kayfabe posted a photo on twitter with bandages around his ribs and captioned it by shaming the Dudley boys. But the real reason for his absence has been revealed.

It is reported that Woods is getting married this weekend and thus took a break for marriage preparations. Vince would be happy with Xavier Woods for maintaining kayfabe and posting this on twitter.

– Booker T who is a full-fledged WWE colour commentator also is a great mentor. Booker T was one of the trainers on the WWE Network reality show, Tough Enough. Now that the show is wrapped up, it is confirmed that Booker is training former NFL player Brennan Williams at his School in Houston, Texas. Booker said this about the topic.

“Brennan definitely fits the profile and athletic protocol of a WWE Wrestler. He fits the build perfectly. Most of the time with NFL players, wrestling is a sort of last resort but Brennan was actually a fan before anything. I’m more than glad to help him out.”

– WWE Diva and the ‘Queen of Harts’ Natalya posted a photo on Instagram outside an MMA ring. She is said to have filmed a footage of her inside the MMA ring and teased about more information in the near future.

– Paige scheduled an autograph session for her fans at the Party City. A full crowd turned out at the Los Angeles store. It was also reported that some of the fans who were the first few in the line were waiting overnight outside the store to meet her and get her autograph.

– Recently, Rusev, Sheamus and King Barett have been tagging along in matches. They are also scheduled to appear on the Hell in a Cell kickoff show. Rumors are doing the rounds of a new stable being in the process of formation which Barett calls, the European Ultras.


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