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The Reason why Undertaker may not return as The American Badass (Opinion)

  • Sorry folks, The Deadman might not return with this gimmick.
  • We may not witness the return of this iconic gimmick.
Modified 17 Mar 2020, 12:35 IST

The Undertaker.
The Undertaker.

The fans are asking the same question ever since AJ Styles attempted to expose The Undertaker on RAW. Will Mark Calaway return as The American Badass? The feud between AJ Styles and The Deadman got personal on the last episode of RAW and the signs of a gimmick change for the Deadman are all there to be seen.

However, neither is The Undertaker going to drop his iconic gimmick nor will he get The American Badass back. It sadly just may not happen and many reasons hint to the same.

Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz spoke about the WrestleMania 36 storyline featuring Styles and Undertaker on the most recent edition of Sportskeeda's Dropkick DiSKussions podcast.

Gunz asked Colohue about the speculation going around regarding the Undertaker getting his infamous biker gimmick back on TV.

Tom explained that The American Badass may not return as Styles has mentioned it clearly that he wants the real Undertaker. He also added that The Phenomenal One may end up losing to the Phenom, and calling out the 'real Undertaker' could have been done to protect Styles from a loss.

A section of fans have been yearning to see the popular American Badass character once again for a whle now but it doesn't seem like the WWE is leaning towards that direction.

Here's what Tom said on the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast:

Ah, that's another theory that's been mentioned. No, from what I can tell, from the promo and conversations that AJ Styles has had since, for example on WWE Backstage, this is an 'I want the real Undertaker' situation. This is a, 'Oh, you could be this, you could be this, but I want the real Undertaker!' You know how it was. Kane had a thing about it for a while as well when the American Badass actually went away.
You see this more and more. Really he's challenging the real Undertaker and all that jazz, and what that entails essentially is the black hat and the real tough guy. It's a way of protecting himself more than anything because he'll likely lose this match and he wants to make sure if that happens, it's to the actual Deadman and not the American Badass or the half and half mix.

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Published 15 Mar 2020, 09:45 IST
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