The Rock to replace Brock Lesnar in first-time WWE dream match at WrestleMania? Exploring potential switch 

Will The Rock have a major WrestleMania match?
Will The Rock have a major WrestleMania match?

Triple H made it clear on WWE SmackDown that Cody Rhodes will face Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania XL, which leaves The Rock at a loose end for the biggest event of the year.

The WWE is in a tough position since Brock Lesnar's recent real-life issues kept him from returning at the Royal Rumble. There were rumors that we would finally get to see the dream match between Lesnar and Gunther. But now The Ring General is without a WrestleMania opponent.

Gunther has been just as dominant as Roman Reigns in recent years, and if The Bloodline is looking to collect Championships, then he could be a star for The Rock to test his mettle against.

Gunther is over on RAW, but since several stars are appearing across brands at the moment, there could be a way for WWE to set up a match between the two men. The Ring General was looking forward to that dream match against Brock Lesnar, but Rock would be an interesting replacement, especially since he could be the man to help turn Gunther face.

Imperium has been heels for their entire run on the main roster, but Gunther has become a firm fan favorite, and having him back up Triple H in his current feud with The Rock could be a great way to start a story between them.

Currently, this angle is just speculation, we will have to tune in to find out how the storyline unfolds in the coming weeks.

Will The Rock wrestle Gunther at WrestleMania XL?

Triple H has a real issue with The Rock that needs to be settled next week on SmackDown when The Great One returns. Gunther can't work the Elimination Chamber event, but he could be waiting in the wings next week to be Triple H's backup if things get physical.

Triple H can't wrestle the TKO Board Member himself, but he could name someone like The Ring General to step in his place. Given that he's the most dominant star in the company at the moment, Gunther would be the perfect man for The CCO to call upon if he is in need of physical backup.

Gunther also has Imperium if The Bloodline decides to try to use the numbers game against him.

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