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J. Carpenter
Modified 31 Jul 2016

Professional wrestling is a business of experimentation. We've seen it time and time again, and idea or gimmick is tested in front of the fan base and if it works, they'll let you know. However, if it's a bad idea, they will let you know as well.

Sometimes, the creative team simply has to take things back to the drawing board and simply start over. That was the case with the persona now infamously known as Husky Harris. Even with the success of The Nexus, Husky was just a terrible idea, absolutely terrible.

The name alone reminds me of an oversized pair of blue jeans. It was blatantly obvious that Windham Rotunda was very uncomfortable in his own skin, as Husky. 

After being written off TV, thanks to a punt to the dome courtesy of Randy Orton, Husky was sent back to FCW, which was the developmental brand at the time. During this time, things were highly unstable for Windham.

As he was in search of an identity, he was forced to stand by idly, while other developmental talent was coming and going, some being elevated to the main roster, others were wished well on their future endeavors.

Needless to say, it was a trying time for the third generation star.

Finally, after several failed personas, the Bray Wyatt character was born. During an interview with radio personality Peter Rosenberg, Rotunda explained how Bray Wyatt was created. He stated that it was a culmination of several factors went into the birth of this character, such as his personal beliefs on religion, politics and world issues, just to name a few.

Bray Wyatt was an organic creation of something that fit who Windham Rotunda was as a person. Regardless of the process, it would prove to be one of the greatest repackaging of any gimmick in wrestling history.

To take a character that was essentially dead in the water, and turn it into something as creatively captivating as Bray Wyatt, it's an amazing feat.

Over the course of the next few months, The Wyatt Family was born, Eli Cottonwood was brought into the fold and then promptly exiled, only to eventually make way for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Together, the trio dismantled and dominated everything in their path before finally being summoned to the main roster, which is truly where Bray Wyatt began to shine.

As you probably recall, some fans were hesitant to embrace, or even give Wyatt a chance, until something magical happened.... He opened his mouth. Promos are a part of the business, but not since the days of superstars such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and guys of that caliber has a person come along with mic skills as incredibly flawless as Bray Wyatt.

The legendary Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts once said that "if a man has enough power, he can speak softly and everyone will listen." Well, my friends, Bray Wyatt has that kind of power.

When he speaks, everyone shuts theory mouths and opens their ears. There are no "WHAT?!" chants and all of those Husky Harris chants seemed to quickly disappear as well, once fans realized that this wasn't Husky anymore.

He was now Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Worlds and yes, he had the whole world in his hands.

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Published 31 Jul 2016
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