The Undertaker to pass the torch to 33-year-old former champion? Exploring potential Royal Rumble scenario

The Undertaker is expected to appear at Royal Rumble 2024.

The Undertaker retired from in-ring competition years ago, but the WWE Universe still wants him to make sporadic appearances on television.

Fans might catch a glimpse of 'Taker at Royal Rumble 2024, as the legendary star is expected to attend the upcoming premium live event. However, there has been no confirmation whether he will appear on the screen during the show.

If the company books The Phenom in a segment at Royal Rumble, he might put over Bo Dallas. For those unaware, recent reports suggested that the company is working on a new project to pay tribute to Bray Wyatt. It is expected to include Wyatt's real-life brother, Bo Dallas, as he was interviewed for the program in Pittsburgh.

To initiate the abovementioned project and reintroduce Dallas on TV, the creative team could have The Undertaker share the screen with the former champion at Royal Rumble. It could be similar to Bray Wyatt's segment with the Hall of Famer on RAW's 30th anniversary. On the high-profile show, The Eater of Worlds and 'Taker collectively took out LA Knight before sharing a few words.

A similar segment featuring The Phenom and the 33-year-old star will help the company have the best start for the latter upon his return. It will be intriguing to see what will happen at Royal Rumble and whether the WWE Universe will see The Deadman appear live on TV.

When was the last time The Undertaker entered the traditional Royal Rumble match?

Royal Rumble 2017 at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, was the last time The Deadman entered the annual battle royal. He entered at number 28 and was a part of the action for almost eight minutes before being eliminated at the hands of Roman Reigns.

Despite his brief appearance, The Phenom eliminated four superstars from the match. After reports of 'Taker attending this year's Rumble surfaced on social media, fans have been speculating about his potential in-ring comeback.

The Undertaker is one of the biggest names in the history of Stamford-based promotion. Hence, his potential appearance at Royal Rumble will bring much attention to the show and add a feeling of nostalgia to it.