This day in Pro Wrestling history - 29th November

Scott Hall was the perennial ‘Bad guy’

What is up with pro wrestling and scarcely believable controversies?

12 years ago, on this day, WWE chose to keep the status of the World Heavyweight Championship in limbo – 5 years before that, WCW tried to make some money by insulting the heritage of the Television title.

Check out what happened in the wrestling world on 29th November – Factor in the coronation of the second to last King of the Ring as well.

#1 Scott Hall tarnishes the legacy of the Television title – 29th November 1999

WCW’s stock had fallen by the late 90’s and despite the presence of crowd pullers like Bret Hart, Goldberg and Scott Hall,the company’s future did not look rosy. Hall, already battling a variety of addictions, was the United States Champion and would also beat Rick Steiner to win the Television title at Mayhem.

He would defend both titles against Booker T that night in a successful effort, but would relinquish the TV title eight days later by throwing it in the trash – It was yet another effort from the WCW Creative to generate some buzz, but nobody seemed to care.

Hall would be forced to vacate the US title after suffering an injury. The TV title would be resurrected by Jim Duggan after discovering it in the trash and declaring himself the champion, only to be retired yet again.

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