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This day in pro-wrestling history- February 8th: Lita debuts

In 2010, the Miz and the Big Show beat DX on this day.

Lita shook up the WWE

Before the Women’s revolution became a catchphrase in the WWE, there was one Diva who defied the odds night after night with her daredevil move set.

Amy Dumas aka Lita was so widely popular during the first half of her tenure with the WWE due to her alignment with the fan favourite ‘Team Xtreme’ faction and was equally hated during the latter half due to her affair with Edge.

However, under no circumstances were questions raised about Lita’s in ring prowess and she paved the way for the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks by main eventing an episode of Monday Night Raw alongside Trish Stratus at a time when a female performer doing so was unthinkable.

This edition of ‘This day..’ takes a look at Lita’s debut in the WWE. Also, find out what the Miz and Pedro Morales accomplished on this day.

#1 Lita debuts – 8th February 2000

Lita revolutionised women’s wrestling in the WWE and it was on February 8, 2000, that she made her first appearance with the company. On a Sunday Night Heat taping, Gillberg was scheduled to defend his Light Heavyweight Championship against Essa Rios.

Rios would be accompanied to the ring by his valet – Lita. Rios would win the title that night, but it would be Lita whose star would shine bright in the company.

Incidentally, neither Rios, who would wrestle under the name of Aguila and Papi Chulo in Mexico nor Lita, who had wrestled as Angelica in ECW prior to joining the WWE, knew of their WWE ring names before their debut match.

Lita would mimic Rios’ moves on his opponents after he had executed them, but it was after her breakup with him that she truly became a Superstar. She would align with the Hardy Boyz and the trio would become known as ‘Team Xtreme’.

She would change her appearance, switching to baggy jeans and make a name for herself in TLC matches. She would have a real life fallout with her then-boyfriend Matt Hardy owing to her affair with Hardy’s close friend Edge – a scandal that would see her alienated in the WWE locker room and would draw massive heat from the fans.

She would win the Women’s Championship four times before her retirement in 2007. Lita was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame seven years later.

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