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Titus O'Neil visits sick WWE fan hours before he passes away

3.27K   //    17 May 2014, 11:07 IST
Titus O'Neil uploaded this picture on his Instagram

Titus O’Neil uploaded this picture on his Instagram

Logan Larrabee, a 3 year old WWE fan who had made a friend in John Cena, passed away from neuroblastoma yesterday. Neuroblastoma is a cancerous tumor.

Before Logan passed, he received a visit from WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil at his home.

Titus noted on Instagram this morning how John Cena called Logan’s father this morning to offer his condolences.

Titus wrote:

“My Heart Is Very Heavy at this moment.

“At 11:45pm last night I received a message about a 3Year old Boy named Logan Larribee that is a Huge @WWEFAN. He Loves @JohnCena and wanted to meet him or any other @WWE Superstar. I contacted the family last night and told them that I would love to meet Logan before I went to Europe this Saturday and they were ecstatic.

“This morning I woke up at 4:15am excited to see my oldest son TJ host an event at his school and afterwards I was off to meet Logan I went throughout my house looking for cool stuff to sign and give him then headed to the Larribee Home. I walked into the house and Logan’s dad Jim gave me the Biggest Hug and I know that thanks for what your doing for my son Hug is. I went over to Logan laying on the couch and had to do all I could to keep from crying as he looked happy even in pain.

“Out comes 3 other boys 5,11,12 year old brothers that I didn’t know he had. We laughed,Played video games,Prayed and talked as if we knew each other for years.

“I want to ask that EVERYONE please Pray for the Laribee Family as I was just informed that Logan has Passed away. Coincidentally I’m at soccer practice watching my sons run around and have a ball. This is Very tough for me. As a Father I could never imagine life without my boys and hope that I never outlive my kids.

“The positive from this is that Logan was happy before he left this earth,I met a truly awesome family that I will continue to support in anyway that I can and I Was Blessed With Meeting One of the Bravest Souls in a Kid that I’ve Ever met.

“In closing, Love those that you can,Help those that your called to help and when God Says go somewhere GO!! We never know Why or how life will go a certain way but at least we can lean on God!! #RipLoganLarribee#familyfirst”

Titus also added -

“@WWEUNIVERSE Love or Hate the guy I’m going on record as saying I’ve always respected his Hustle, But my Respect Grew Greater for @johncena for calling Jim Larabee the Father of this Little 3year old hero Logan Larabee that I met yesterday hours before he passed away due to Cancer. 

“@johncena called from Europe to send his condolences to the family,now this won’t stop me from Kicking your A$$ First chance I get in an @WWE Ring, but what it has Done is make me even prouder of the Superstars,Support Staff and Divas that I get to work with on a weekly basis that make so many sacrifices to entertain,Motivate and Inspire People of All walks of life Worldwide!! #Respect #riploganlarrabee”

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