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WWE TLC 2017: 5 potential finishes for Sister Abigail vs. The Demon King 

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The Demon King clashes with Sister Abigail at TLC 2017
The Demon King clashes with Sister Abigail at TLC 2017

Bray Wyatt has not performed at his greatest during his ongoing feud with Finn Balor. He first lost to 'The Demon' at SummerSlam, then lost once again to a plainclothes Balor at No Mercy. Despite suffering two straight pay-per-view defeats to Finn, Wyatt continued the feud and earned a third match after he debuted a huge surprise - Sister Abigail.

After years of cryptic promos involving the fabled Sister Abigail, she finally arrived in the form of a fractured consciousness from deep inside Bray's own mind. But, not to be completely outdone, Balor will also bring a new presentation of himself to their upcoming match. His traditional red and black face paint was swapped for a more seasonal appropriate orange. It's yet to be seen if this alters his persona in any significant way, but at least it's colourful.

These two supernatural characters will try to put their feud to rest in a traditional singles match at the Raw exclusive TLC this Sunday. There are a variety of different outcomes that this match could produce, from intriguing interferences to bloody brawls. Several of the more interesting possibilities are about to be explored, beginning with the best start WWE could give to the new Sister Abigail persona.

#5 Sister Abigail wins convincingly

Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail must establish that she is a threat.
Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail must establish that she is a threat.

Sister Abigail is here after years of hearing her name in spooky Wyatt promos. This is essentially the debut of a new character so Bray’s altered ego has to score a big win. If Wyatt loses, that would be a massive waste of what’s been a vital part his mystique. Randy Orton didn’t set fire to her decaying remains simply for her disembodied persona to lay down for a pumpkin version of Finn on a B pay-per-view.

The best way to get this first victory is by utter dominance. Balor doesn’t have to suffer a Bill Goldberg-style squash that lasts less than 2 minutes, but his offence should be sparing and mostly ineffective. Unlike Finn’s Demon, Bray’s Abigail should have a switched up move set. At the very least, she should trade out the tired spider walk for a Jerry Lawler-style fireball.

This option is lowest on this list because if the rumours are to be believed, Finn will be challenging for Raw's top title in the near future. It's not impossible that he'll lose on Sunday, but a squash is far less likely than some of the other options. That's too bad because Bray is seemingly always in need of a big win.

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