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TNA Bound For Glory 2016 results and Twitter reactions

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Cody Rhodes
Cody made his much awaited TNA debut

Amidst of all the talks of a potential sale of the company, TNA aired their biggest PPV of the year Bound For Glory this past Sunday and below the complete results from the show:

The PPV started with The 'Broken' Matt Hardy reading a bedtime story to his son Maxell. the story titled "The Great War" included highlights of all the matches taking place tonight and a large part of it was focused on the Delete or Decay rematch tonight between the Hardy Brothers and Decay.

#1 DJ Z (c) vs. Trevor Lee

X-Division championship match

After DJ Z gets the early favor in the match Lee turned the match into his favor by using the referee. After this, the pace of the match picked up and both the competitors started trying to take each other down with their high flying moves. 

The match ended after DJ Z hit his finishing maneuver ZDT on Lee and pinned him afterward to retain his championship.

Result - DJ Z def. Trevor Lee to retain the X-Division Championship

#2 Bound For Glory Gauntlet match

For a future shot at TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

The 10 men gauntlet match started with Rockstar Spud and Jessie Godderz. Nothing much happened during the bout and the only highlight was that Grado got eliminated within two seconds of his entrance.

Eli Drake eliminated both Jessie Godderz and Tyrus by throwing them over the top rope and won the match. He now has a guaranteed World title shot whenever he wants but will have to give notice one week in advance.

Result - Eli Drake won the match and now holds a future world title opportunity.

#3 "The Miracle" Mike Bennett vs. Moose

The crowd was chanting for Moose throughout the match but there weren't any big pops during the TNA PPV debut of the former NFL player. Moose hit Bennett with a Go to Hell followed by The Gamebreaker for the victory.

Result - Moose defeats Mike Bennett

#4 Aron Rex vs. Eddie Edwards

Impact Grand Championship Tournament Finals

Before the unique fight, Billy Corgan announced that the rounds for the match will be 5 minutes instead of three. Eddie Edwards won the first round but Rex made the recovery and won the later two rounds to be crowned the first Impact Grand Champion

Result - Aron Rex def. Eddie Edwards by split decision to become The new Impact Grand Champion

After the match next was Gail Kim's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The TNA knockout enters the ring and several other members of the knockouts division praise her for helping everyone backstage. Next, comes Dixie Carter who reads out all the accomplishments Kim has achieved during her career and labels the night as the biggest night in TNA's history . The segment ends with Kim's Hall of Fame speech and a gift from Dixie. 

#5 The Decay(c) vs. Broken Matt Hardy and "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy

TNA World Tag Team Championship match

The match was a mix of Live action and pre-taped out-of-the-building brawls which included Matt fighting with Abyss at the back of a pickup truck and Vanguard 1 blowing mist in Rosemary's eyes. A fun part was when Jeff poured some magic water on himself which allowed him to disappear and throw pumpkins at Steve as a reference to Billy Corgan's Smashing Pumpkin Band.

The match ended with Hardys picking up the victory when Jeff delivered a Swanton on Steve from a 15-foot ladder and sent him smashing through 2 tables for the pin. 

Result - 'Broken Matt' Hardy and  "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy def The Decay to become the new TNA Tag team champions.

#6 Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Gail Kim

Knockouts Championship match 

Gail Kim managed to win the match despite the outside interference from Mike Bennett. the match did not include much wrestling and it ended with Kim hitting Eat Defeat on Maria which she hardly bothered to sell but got pinned anyway.

Result - Gail Kim defeats Maria and became the new TNA Knockouts Champion

After the match, Bennett tried to 'shut the show down' but was interrupted by Cody & Brandi Rhodes. Cody received one of the biggest pops of the night. A frustrated Maria told Cody to go back to WWE and attacked Brandi afterward she got face to face with her. Brandi hit Maria with a knee while Cody hit Bennett with a disaster kick before leaving the ring.

#7 Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III

No Holds Barred match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

The match was booked to look intense with both men kicking out of each other's finishers multiple time. However, the crowd wasn't much into the bout and the matchup didn't appear to be the right choice for the main event. Lashley finally defeated ECIII after he hit him with a spear off the middle rope.

Result - Bobby Lashley def Ethan Carter III to retain his World Championship.


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