TNA News: Al Snow expresses his genuine hatred towards fans

Al Snow
Al Snow genuinely hates fans due to their misguided opinions
Anutosh Bajpai

Former WWE and current TNA Superstar Al Snow was recently interviewed by Great North Wrestling, While addressing the negativity spread by wrestling fans towards TNA and other wrestling companies, he expressed his genuine hatred towards the fans.

"They're (Wrestling fans) the goofiest bunch of people I ever met, I genuinely hate them. I really do. I love the fact that they're fans, but I hate them."

He expressed his scorn towards people as they form opinions without proper knowledge.

"Opinions is the lowest form of human knowledge, there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. You can form an opinion with little or no actual information and then you can go out and spout it off like it's a real fact. But it's nothing more than theory, conjecture and assumption. That's all it is."

He later added that fans make their opinion without having any real experience and just on the basis of their 'information':

"fans are privy to 'information' and have no actual experience, and since they have 'information,' they think they have 'knowledge and understanding' of the business that they've never been in and never had any experience."

Snow said that all this leads to contempt. He explained that this has created a very vocal minority group of people who don't have an understanding of the business, but assume they do and become contemptuous because of it and chastised the people in the industry, who live in a bubble, siding with those opinions.

Along with this, Snow also talked about the future of TNA and expressed his hopes on it’s survival by stating that both talent and fans need TNA. Also, he added that Mr. McMahon also probably wants TNA to succeed as he wants someone to compete with.

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