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WWE/TNA News: Ric Flair reportedly quit TNA via SMS

Rohit Nath
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Ric Flair was in TNA for two years

Ric Flair had a two-year stint with TNA from 2010 to 2012. He even wrestled in TNA, something that got him heavy criticism due to the fact that he had an extremely intense and emotional retirement match at Wrestlemania XXIV against Shawn Michaels as well as a subsequent ceremony. He himself has admitted since that he regretted that decision.

TNA has been under bad light recently over the fact that they are seemingly crumbling and imploding.

Bruce Prichard, in the latest edition of his podcast Something To Wrestle With, went all out shooting on his time in TNA as the head of talent relations. He explained payment issues, Bobby Roode’s departure, and much more. Regarding payment issues, he told a story of a few talents and their issues with payments, which you can read here.

He even spoke of the time when Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley and Ric Flair were in TNA. He revealed that The Nature Boy quit TNA via a text message in 2012. He said that the reason Flair was so frustrated was TNA was the fact that they would constantly bait-and-switch him with plans for television. 

Bruce Prichard stated that even Hulk Hogan had payment issues with the company and that when The Hardcore Legend  Mick Foley requested his release in 2011, he was very unhappy.

He said that some of the higher-ups in the company “didn’t give a sh*t” about the talents as human beings, and that had led some fo their biggest names to leave the company which they came to help in the first place.

Prichard mentioned that Dixie Carter viewed Sting as the company’s biggest star and would even beg The Icon to re-sign with the company and work more dates than he was contractually obligated to.

Here is a clip of The Nature Boy’s first appearance on TNA television:

Here’s a clip of Ric Flair’s entrance in TNA:

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