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TNA News: TNA returning to live PPV in 2017

The good news continues to roll in for TNA fans.

The Broken Hardys will be returning to PPV in 2017

2016 has been a troublesome year for TNA, being full of question marks over the future of the company and with the continual bleeding of talent leaving the company left and right.

The year ends with the short-term future of TNA seemingly secure, and with that comes the news that TNA is going to make its return to live pay-per-view early in 2017. PWInsider are reporting that TNA will hold a live PPV on Friday, January 6, emanating from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

The event will air on all the traditional pay-per-view distributors, as well as being available on the Fite app.

TNA’s various international broadcast partners will also be making the show available, and we can expect further details regarding the various ways in which to access TNA’s first showing of 2017 soon.

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News is yet to break on what the name or the concept of the pay-per-view will be, but reports suggest it will be another one of TNA’s recent ‘One Night Only’ events.

TNA seem a long way away from returning to their former WWE-esque calendar of monthly PPVs, but holding a show so early in January suggests that confidence is high in TNA camp.

The company has already announced TV tapings that will take place from Universal Studios, starting on January 5th and ending one week later on January 12th.

Earlier in the year, it seemed unlikely that TNA would make it this far, with almost daily claims of the imminent demise of the company. WWE were rumoured to be interested in buying the video library.

Somehow TNA defied all the odds to survive once again, and the success of the Broken Matt Hardy character and subsequent specials filmed at the Hardy compound see TNA enter 2017 with renewed optimism. 

Even so, word continues to go around that the company exists on a month to month basis, a state of affairs that is less than ideal for any company let alone a professional wrestling one. 2017 arrives with optimism, but those expecting a crisis-free year for TNA are maybe being a little too optimistic.

A strong TNA is undoubtedly good for the professional wrestling industry, however, so here’s hoping that the January 6 PPV will be the beginning of a positive year for the former number two promotion in the USA.

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