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TNA News: Billy Corgan says that a full-length feature film featuring 'Broken' Matt Hardy is "In The Works"

The new on-screen TNA president reveals the way TNA programming could be heading into

Billy Corgan
Corgan also wants to change the name of TNA

TNA has been producing some of it's most divergent content ever since they appointed Billy Corgan as their new senior producer of creative and talent development last Summer. We saw the peak of it when they aired their obscure 'Final Deletion' segment this July featuring 'Broken' Matt Hardy alongside his brother and former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

However, with the announced rematch between the Decay and the Hardy Brothers at Bound For Glory, the company is set to raise the stakes even higher. It appears that all this is just the beginning of what TNA has in store for the Hardy siblings.

During his recent interview with ESPN, Corgan revealed the idea of turning the story between the two Hardy Brothers into a full-length feature film. Although the minority owner of TNA quickly added that he was unable to share more on the same.

Talking about how it may change TNA’s dynamic, he said that like the superhero movies, they can make the Hardys the center of their universe and develop stories around them:

"So maybe like superhero movies, we get the Hardys as the center of the universe and start to use them to sort of branch off in other directions, We are making it up as we go along and that is sort of the fun part. It's really exciting because we are hopefully writing a sort of new golden dawn in terms of how wrestling can be presented on television, and I think that's fantastic."

Continuing on the topic, the TNA stockholder said that he sees the out-of-the-arena type segments such as Final Deletion or Delete or Decay as the future of wrestling:

"I have been pushing from the beginning that we needed to do what I call out-of-the-box and out-of-the-arena type segments, I really saw this as the future of wrestling on television."

CM Punk's infamous WWE departure in 2014 has been a hot topic of discussion among fans over the past couple of years. After his recent UFC loss, many believe that Punk may return to the ring someday.

Since TNA is known to be the second home for WWE veterans, many believe that it's more than likely that one day we might see Punk competing inside the six-sided ring of TNA if he ever decides to return to the pro wrestling world.

Naturally, Billy was asked about the possibility of the former WWE Champion joining their company. The New On-screen TNA president said that he hopes someone like Punk would come back to professional wrestling:

"I hope that someone who is so gifted comes back to professional wrestling if he wants to be there, So, of course, I would just love to see him in a ring. If it's our ring, even better. Even if he just wanted to be involved, I would love to have that conversation with him."

Along with this, Billy Corgan also talked about how TNA needs to focus on building young stars, his band and more. 

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