Top 10 Best WWE Gym Selfies

Courtesy @edgeratedr on Instagram
Courtesy @edgeratedr on Instagram
Modified 03 May 2021
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WWE Superstars have been using social media for the last decade at a rapidly growing pace. They have spent countless hours on Twitter, Instagram, and to a lesser extent, Facebook, interacting with fans, promoting storylines, and posting pictures that they hope will keep people interested in them and what they are doing in their careers. Wrestlers are also, for the most part, gym lovers. Well, some of them hate having to get up at 5 AM to hit the gym or drive around at midnight to find one that's open in a town they have never been to, but most of them seem to enjoy the rigorous activities that keep their bodies in good shape. WWE Superstars do it for their own physical health, but it's also extremely important to look good on television. It's also a great way to get people to pay attention to you on social media.

From body transformations like Braun Strowman, Sheamus and Mike Kanellis to ongoing pictures of abs left and right (Finn Balor, we're looking at you), the Superstars are always finding reasons to post pictures of themselves in the gym. You can also find plenty of pictures of stars trying to flaunt their sex appeal, even if it's not totally obvious, you know pictures of pecs, abs, boobs, and butts always get extra likes. Sometimes the stars are goofy and silly. You have to switch it up sometimes. Keep people guessing.

When former world champion Edge made a surprise return to WWE, he had posted the above mirror selfie on social media which triggered a number of rumors and speculations regarding the Rated R Superstar's next destination.

With superstars taking to social media every day to showcase their torso, it feels like a perfect time to explore the world of WWE Superstar gym selfies. That's something everyone can enjoy!

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Published 03 May 2021
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