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Top 10 greatest WWE catchphrases of all time

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The master of all catchphrases

Over the years there have been some amazing mic workers come and go from WWE. The likes of The Rock, Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin all know how to evoke a strong reaction from the audience. They have all also left us with many memorable catchphrases that are still living on today.

Let’s take a now at 10 of the greatest catchphrases in WWE history.

10. Oh yeah (Randy Savage)

Ooohh yeeah!

The Macho Man Randy Savage was a very accomplished mic worker especially for his time. His most famous catchphrase was obviously the drawn out ‘Oooohh yeeeeahh!’.

The legacy of Randy Savage, who as inducted into the hall of fame last year, will live on forever and his ‘Oh yeah’ catchphrase will always leave a lasting impression.

No true WWE or pro wrestling fan in general can say they’ve never tried impersonating the macho man’s ‘Oooooohh yeeeeeeaaahh!’. 

9. Tell me he didn’t just (Booker T)

Tell me he didn’t just say that..

Booker T was actually quite an enigmatic and entertaining individual. His many memorable quotes also put a smile on fans faces such as announcement of being a ‘five time, five time, five time, five time, five time, world champion’.

Specifically the shocking expressions on his face that accompanied his questioning proclamation ‘Tell me, he didn’t just say that’ in regards to some strange situation. Over time we have also seen some just as humorous variations. 

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