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Top 10 heel turns in the modern era – Part Two

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Welcome to part 2 of our series(you can read the first part here), as we look back at the top 10 heel turns in the modern era of professional wrestling. We’ll pick up from where we left off, looking back at the top 5 heel turns. Without further ado, let us get down to business.

5. The Rock turns on the people

The Rock was a firm crowd favourite in 1998, but he wanted to become the WWF champion. With Vince McMahon having a problem with “the people”, he said he’d target the people’s champion, The Rock. Rock faced Mankind at the Survivor Series in 1998, during which Rock turned heel, defeating Mankind with the help of the Corporation while Mankind turned face, and the match resembled the infamous Montreal Screwjob due to the screwy finish.

Rock aligned himself with the Corporation, thus becoming the Corporate champion, turning his back on the people. This led to the Rock being a full blown heel for more than a year in the WWF.

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