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Top 10 NXT prospects for main roster debuts in 2017

J. Carpenter
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Will we see a GLORIOUS main roster debut?

Professional wrestling as an industry is in a very interesting position at the moment, especially the WWE. Never before has the world-renowned, global-juggernaut been in such a dominating position, controlling the entire industry from each angle.

The single most visible difference in the current WWE product is the talent. It's not just the quality of talent that is so evident, but also the quantity. There is a new generation of risk takers and dream chasers sitting in the driver’s seat, making for an exciting time to be a WWE fan.

A significant driving force behind the sudden plethora of top-tier talent is NXT. The entire NXT process has been nothing but extraordinary.

From hopeful tryouts and NXT rookies to NXT title holders and main roster-ready superstars, the process of creating a perennial superstar has been mastered in the Orlando-based WWE Performance Center, with trainers and staff who flawlessly execute a structured plan which has been proven to be a recipe for success. 

As long as the current process in place continues to be the standard by which the company approaches their developmental process, there will likely never be another problem with having enough hands on deck.

When stars from the top of the yellow brand make the jump to the main roster, there will be someone from the middle of the pack eagerly awaiting the opportunity to showcase their abilities, to step it up a notch. In turn, there are plenty of NXT Rookies, just chomping at the bits to make their television debut.

All-in-all, it's a beautiful process and the best part of all... IT WORKS!

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look ahead to 2017. These are the top 10 NXT stars who will probably be making their main roster debut in 2017:

#10 Sanity 

They'll either sink or swim!

With Eric Young as the leader of this group, it is primed to make an immediate impact on the yellow roster. Other members include Glasgow’s own Nikki Storm, the big 6'8" monster known as Sawyer Fulton and the unpredictable Alexander Wolfe. 

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While there's not a lot known about Sanity just yet, this group does have a unique presence and a sort of fear factor vibe as well. Having Eric Young as the leader will be a tremendous benefit in their favour. The only problem I see up front will be the stark resemblance to the Wyatt Family.

However, if it's angled in the proper direction, it could be a good leaping point for Young to finally get on the WWE main roster. 

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