9 things you didn't know about CM Punk

CM Punk is truly the 'Best in the World'
CM Punk is truly the 'Best in the World'

It should come as no surprise that CM Punk's name pops up whenever there is a discussion about who is the 'Best in the World' of professional wrestling. Starting his career on the independent circuit, the real-life Phillip Brooks made his way into WWE in 2005. From there, the former ROH World Champion worked his way to the very top, becoming one of the top superstars in the promotion.

However, things turned south, with multiple issues causing Punk to part ways with WWE and vowing never to enter the world of professional wrestling ever again. The Best in the World tried his luck in Mixed Martial Arts, but wasn't able to find success there. In what was viewed as a miracle in the wrestling industry, CM Punk finally came out of retirement after seven years. Joining Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling, the former WWE Champion has been the perfect veteran, putting over younger superstars even in defeat.

Here are some interesting facts about AEW World Champion CM Punk:

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#9 What does CM in CM Punk stand for

Many fans have always wondered what Phillip Jack Brooks’ ring name initials stand for. Many have considered them to be “Cookie Monster” or “Cookie Master,” because of his childhood love of cookies. Others thought of: Charles Montgomery, Chuck Mosley, Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson, or Chicago Made.

The CM in CM Punk stands for “Chick Magnet,” as revealed by Punk himself in an interview with IGN.com. He got the name when he filled in for a wrestler who didn’t show up at a small wrestling federation event.

#8 Emotional final ROH match

After a WWE try-out, Punk signed for Vince McMahon's promotion in June 2005. Before leaving ROH, he won the ROH World Championship, despite being signed by WWE. His last ROH match took place at Punk: The Final Chapter on August 13, 2005 against his long-time friend and former tag-team partner, Colt Cabana. It was a two out of three falls match, which saw Cabana getting the win. After the match, Punk cried in the middle of the ring as streamers showered him all over.

#7 Had a stint in TNA

During 2004, multiple ROH stars used to wrestle for the NWA-TNA partnership as well. During this time, Punk appeared in TNA as a member of Raven’s stable named The Gathering. However, the former ROH Champion left the promotion after it was made clear to the performers that they could not wrestle in any other organization as long as they were in TNA.

#6 John Cena’s WrestleMania gangster

Many younger wrestling fans might not know that CM Punk was used as a vintage gangster during John Cena‘s WrestleMania 22 entrance. This was when Punk was still in Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE's then-developmental territory.

Who knew that the guy featured in Cena's WrestleMania entrance would one day go on to have the rivalry of a lifetime with The Franchise Player over the WWE Championship.

#5 Memorable OVW debut

Punk’s WWE tryout match against Val Venis on May 9, 2005 wasn’t a happening one, but his first OVW televised match against Danny Inferno on September 26, 2005 definitely was. During the bout, he suffered a ruptured eardrum and a broken nose. Despite stiff shots from Inferno, The Second City Saint completed the match and was taken to the hospital afterwards.

#4 Relationships with multiple divas

CM Punk has definitely lived up to his “chick magnet” moniker, having dated six female wrestlers. These include Shannon Spruill (ROH), Tracy Brookshaw (ROH), Maria Kanellis (WWE), Amy “Lita” Dumas (WWE), Beth Phoenix (WWE) and his wife AJ Lee (WWE).

#3 Straight edge and pescetarian

It’s a known fact that Punk is a straight edge, his whole persona is based on it. The former WWE Champion even led a stable called the Straight Edge Society during his time in WWE. Apart from being a straight edge, the AEW World Champion is also a pescetarian, i.e. when it comes to non-veg food, Punk sticks to only seafood, and no other animal’s flesh.

#2 Love for meaningful tattoos

CM Punk’s body is covered with various colorful tattoos. These include a Pepsi Globe tattoo on his left shoulder to promote his favorite drink, along with “Straight Edge” and “Drug Free” tattoos on his stomach and knuckles, respectively, which speak out about his beliefs on a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. He also has sleeve tattoos with various references to luck. The former WWE Champion also has a “No gimmicks needed” tattoo on the back of his left hand, which is a tribute to late wrestler Chris Candido, along with a Cobra logo on his right shoulder, among many others.

#1 His first theme song wasn’t for him

CM Punk made his WWE debut on the theme song called “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage on August 1, 2006. Randy Orton first used this theme song for just one night on March 3, 2006. The theme song definitely didn’t suit Orton and because WWE didn’t want to waste the rights bought for that music, they decided to use it for Punk’s entrances; and luckily it suited him and he went on to use it until the 2011 edition of Money in the Bank where he won the WWE Championship from John Cena.

The next night on RAW, he returned with a new entrance theme called “Cult of Personality” by Living Color.

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