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Top 10 underrated performers in WWE: Number 8

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10 Sep 2013, 00:25 IST

The Dynamite Kid

Moving along with our series of the Top 10 underrated performers in WWE, we come down to number 8. Today, we look back at the career of someone who paved way for many other performers through different generations, who were inspired by him.

In the industry, there are very few who open the doors for the future generations, to emulate them and look up to them as an inspiration. These are the revolutionaries, the true masters of the art. Every performer wants to leave his mark in professional wrestling, so that even after he’s long gone, his impact and presence is still felt in the professional wrestling business.

Today, we look at the career of the Dynamite Kid, who is hailed as one of the greatest technical high flying wrestlers in the history of the business. People like Bret Hart and Chris Benoit looked up to him as their inspiration, after watching him perform at a level higher than everyone else. Bret once said that pound for pound, the Dynamite Kid is the best wrestler in the history of the industry. Coming from a legend such as Bret Hart itself, very few can argue about the statement. Although Dynamite Kid was an exceptional wrestler, he never made it big in the mainstream wrestling promotions, and ended up going nowhere.

The Dynamite Kid is arguably the greatest wrestler coming out of the United Kingdom, and he started his career in Stu Hart’s Canadian Stampede. It was here that a young Bret Hart and later, an 18 year old Chris Benoit first laid their eyes on the technical genius of Dynamite Kid. As Bret and Benoit watched Kid perform moves that we nothing short of breathtaking, they knew that they wanted to become just like him.

It is said that after Kid wrestled his match one night, Chris Benoit walked up to Dynamite’s dressing room, knocked on his door and when Kid opened, Benoit told him that someday, he’d be just like him. The influence of Dynamite Kid on the careers of many young superstars’ careers has been evident with them having a similar in – ring style as Dynamite Kid, including Bryan Danielson a.k.a Daniel Bryan.

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