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Top 10 wrestlers from the UK to have competed in WWE

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UK wrestlers have made a lasting impact on the WWE

The WWE has had a long history with UK wrestlers. Very much like the political scene right now, the UK and US wrestling scene share a special relationship. Even more so now, with the creation of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, and a long-awaited UK house show to boot.

With various British Indie companies thriving, and a weekly wrestling show being set up by a major broadcast company, the WWE have been goaded into acting fast to capitalise on the growing industry on the island nation.

Now it seems British-style wrestling is going through somewhat of a renaissance.

If you ask anyone around in the 60s, 70s or 80s from the UK about wrestling, they would ecstatically talk about heroes like Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki and Mick McManus. All of these were big stars, possibly even more famous than Hulk Hogan amongst the UK audiences.

So, after a downward spiral in recent history, where UK wrestling wasn't available to television audiences, the WWE took over the monopoly. Now, there seems to be a desire from the UK audiences to secure a new-look British wrestling scene. Sure, that may be as a sub-section of the WWE, but it is a chance to showcase UK talent on a global scale.

The future looks bright. However, it is important to recognise the British wrestlers within the WWE who have carried the torch thus far, aiding the evolution of UK wrestling.

This list will look at the best wrestlers from the UK to have competed in the WWE, the criteria being not just their in-ring ability, but also their mic work, storytelling, backstage work and influence amongst the WWE universe.

#10 Layla

Enter ca
Layla won the 2007 Divas search, beating off competition from Rosa Mendes and Maryse

It seems fitting to start off the list with the first UK national to win the WWE women's championship.


Layla deserves her place on the list for stamping her authority as a serious contender in the women's division for several years. She began her WWE career after winning the 2006 Divas search, fending off talent in the form of to-be WWE superstars Rosa Mendes and Maryse.

Layla had a tumultuous time during her career in the WWE. She spent her early years finding her feet, developing new angles and swapping between Face and Heel. One of the highlights was her managing Jamie Noble and William Regal. The British star found herself weighing up her options before aligning with her compatriot to form an impressive partnership.

Layla's most successful stint was as one half of the villainous stable known as LayCool, alongside her in-ring 'bestie', Michelle McCool. Aside from the co-champion plot line that saw Layla grasp her first official title in 2010, the British bombshell also captured the Divas Championship in 2012.

When we look back on Layla's career, what we see is a talented individual who contributed some interesting moments and memorable championship reigns.

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