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Top 5 companies that would benefit from hiring Joey Mercury

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06 Nov 2019, 05:56 IST

Joey Mercury might actually be the hottest free agent in wrestling today
Joey Mercury might actually be the hottest free agent in wrestling today

Former ECW and WWE Superstar Joey Mercury has wrestled all over the world. He is probably best known for his time as one half of the popular MNM tag team from the mid-2000s, in which he teamed with Johnny Nitro (soon to be John Morrison, Johnny Impact, Johnny Etcetera and more) and their manager Melina. You also probably know him from his time as one of Seth Rollins' goons during The Architect's WWE Championship reign in 2014. After his in-ring career ended, Mercury was kept around by WWE as a backstage producer, much like men such as Fit Finlay, Shane Helms, Billy Kidman, D-Von Dudley, Jamie Noble, and more. Wrestlers and promoters alike have said for years that Mercury is one of the smartest men in the wrestling business -- he "has a mind for the business", as it's called, and he has been an invaluable member of the backstage team everywhere he's been.

He recently became a free agent and is not aligned with or being paid by any pro-wrestling company, and any owner or promoter with a solid head on their shoulders would be very smart to offer him an opportunity to join their company as soon as he's available. With that in mind, here are the five wrestling companies that could benefit from having Joey Mercury on their team.

#5 New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America

New Japan of America will have to build a strong foundation behind the curtain.
New Japan of America will have to build a strong foundation behind the curtain.

With New Japan's recent announcement that they are officially launching an offshoot of their company in the United States, there are going to be some spots to fill. The head trainer of the LA Dojo is Katsuyori Shibata, a great pro wrestler who appears to have the outstanding ability to teach ohers how to succeed. Outside of Shibata, and maybe TJP if he's sticking around, New Japan's new American offshoot doesn't have a strong base of backstage generals to take the helm.

The wrestlers who help keep things together behind the scenes in New Japan are based out of their home country, and while it would be greatly beneficial to have their knowledge available when they are in America for tours, they won't be full-time. Wrestlers and former wrestlers based out of America are going to be needed for full-time work. It's too bad for NJ of America that Lance Storm decided to rejoin the WWE family, because he could have been a perfect fit.

Mercury, like Storm, has experience in many different environments. He was a member of a popular (if short-lived) tag team in ECW when he was very young and spent time on the independent scene in the late 1990s before that. From 2002 through mid-2004, he was simultaneously wrestling for WWE, Ring of Honor, and TNA before joining WWE full time in 2004. In short, he knows what it's like to be part of upstart companies, no-name promotions, and giant conglomerates. That varied knowledge picked up throughout the years makes Joey a great fit for the upstart New Japan of America, especially with the main company already having trouble gaining a foothold in America.

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