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Top 5 Current NXT Theme Songs

These NXT theme songs are a cut above the rest.

NXT continues the legacy of theme songs that enhances a character

Theme songs are what can make or break a wrestler. From the glass shattering of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, to the “If Ya Smeeeeell!” of the Rock, to the gong of the Undertaker, good entrance music has the ability to make a good character transform into a superstar.

Stemming from the Fabulous Freebirds, who were the pioneers of theme songs for wrestlers, there have been a great deal of emphasis in making a song good enough to help elevate a wrestler’s character.

Unfortunately, nowadays, music is not as emotionally charged as it used to be, and many wrestlers are accompanied with songs that are quite generic. However, there are some that still embody what a pro wrestling theme song should be. 

In part one, I will showcase the current NXT theme songs. Here are the top five. 

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