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Top 5 Hardy vs Hardy Matches

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One of the greatest tag teams of all time haven't always seen eye to eye!
One of the greatest tag teams of all time hasn't always seen eye to eye!

When you put together the brothers, Matt and Jeff Hardy, it gives us one of the greatest tag team duos that professional wrestling has ever seen. The two have put on and been apart of some of the greatest tag team matches of all time and provided us with some of the biggest moments and craziest spots we've ever seen.

But they haven't always fought side by side. Winning a collection of singles gold in their own right, there have been a number of times where the two have come head to head for one reason or another. No one knew each other better than they did one another, making every time they came to blows instantly intriguing. Here are the top 5 Hardy vs Hardy matches.

5. Hardcore Match for the Hardcore Championship - Smackdown(4/27/2000)

One of the earliest Hardy vs Hardy encounters pitted the brothers going at it for the Hardcore title. This was also one of the few if not only times the two fought over a singles championship.

The match wasn't the longest of the brothers' several battles, but it was still a classic Hardy Boys match. It was a rather fast-paced one with each hitting plenty of big moves on the other. Matt's moonsault to Jeff with a trash can over his head perfectly describes the time period this match took place in.

This was during the time where the Hardy's were one of the top tag teams in the WWE so it did seem a little random for them to have this match but it was still a very fun a perfect clash during the attitude era.

But as most matches ended during the Hardcore title's time, Crash Holly wound up closing the show and stealing the vacant belt from both Hardy's after each had taken too much damage.

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