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Top 5 Matches from night one of Wrestle Kingdom 14

  • The best of Wrestle Kingdom 14 from night one.
Amin Ajani
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Modified 07 Jan 2020, 11:48 IST

#2 IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Ospreay vs. Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 14
Ospreay vs. Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 14

This was just an incredible spectacle as Ospreay and Takahashi worked a tremendous match. The action picked up early as Takahashi went for a flying hurricarana but Ospreay countered with a double stomp and then hit a draping DDT for a near fall. The match slowed down here as Ospreay worked over Takahashi's neck. Takahashi fired up as he made a comeback with a wheelbarrow flatliner and a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

There was just a crazy sequence as Takahashi avoided a Sasuke Special, went for a German suplex but Ospreay landed on his feet. Takahashi hit an overhead suplex but Ospreay landed in the ring and followed with a Sasuke Special and followed with Pip Pip Cheerio for a near fall. This was just incredible. Ospreay hit a double stomp and followed with a missile dropkick. Ospreay went for Hidden Blade but Takahashi collapsed.

Takahashi made a comeback by hitting a Sunset Bomb and a Dynamite Plunger for a pair of near falls. Ospreay hit Made in Japan but Takahashi kicked out. This was great as Ospreay hit a Shooting Star Press and an OzCutter as Takahashi kept kicking out. Takahashi blocked a handspring as he hit a Canadian Destroyer but Ospreay kicked out. Ospreay caught Takahashi coming off the ropes with a Spanish Fly for a two count.

Ospreay drilled Takahashi with a Hidden Blade, called for Storm Breaker but was countered into Yoshi Tonic for a near fall. Takahashi hit the Time Bomb but still couldn't put Ospreay away. Takahashi debuted his new finisher as he hit an elevated Emerald Flowsion spiking Ospreay on top of his head for the win. This was just tremendous as there were some awesome sequences and then storytelling was fantastic.

Published 07 Jan 2020, 11:48 IST
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