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Top 5 Moments of CM Punk in the WWE

Pratik Chitre
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:50 IST

CM Punk- The Best in the World
CM Punk- The Best in the World

CM Punk left the WWE in January 2014 after a fallout with Vince McMahon and Triple H after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The WWE Universe hoped that he would return someday, but it never happened. The Chicago crowd cheer for their hometown hero to this day, whenever WWE goes to Chicago to host RAW, SmackDown or any other pay-per-views.

The most recent incident being on SmackDown Live, when Shane McMahon was giving a promo about winning the 'World Cup' tournament held in Saudi Arabia and was interrupted by 'CM Punk!' chants by the Chicago crowd. Punk was one of the few wrestlers who could play face and heel with equal conviction and could excel in both.

His rivalry with John Cena is one of the greatest rivalries WWE Universe has witnessed. He was also part of some memorable feuds with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Triple H, etc. to name a few. The odds of CM Punk entering a WWE ring currently seems improbable, but anything is possible in the WWE.

Here are 5 best moments of CM Punk in the WWE.

#5 Punk becomes the new leader of ‘The Nexus’

CM Punk replaced Wade Barrett as the new leader of
CM Punk replaced Wade Barrett as the new leader of 'The Nexus'

The Nexus was a stable which consisted of eight rookies of NXT Season One, namely David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield (later known as Ryback), Daniel Bryan, and Wade Barrett, who was their leader.

The heel stable was notorious for interfering during matches and injuring wrestlers, commentators, and even the ring announcer. The Nexus feuded with John Cena for almost six months in 2010.

The Nexus surprisingly announced that it was under "new management" after attacking John Cena and the WWE roster repeatedly.

CM Punk revealed himself as the new leader of the stable, renaming it as the New Nexus. Even though the new stable permanently disbanded within eight months of being formed, CM Punk added a sinister twist to the stable.


The New Nexus managed to win the WWE Tag Team Championships on two occasions, and CM Punk won the WWE Championship once as the leader of the New Nexus.

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Published 07 Jan 2019, 03:15 IST
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