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WWE Raw: May 18, 2015 - Top 5 moments

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It was the first Raw after Payback and the WWE certainly deserves credit for putting up a phenomenal show. The Raw after PPV’s generally bear a lot of importance as they echo the stories of the previous night as well as set the trend for the next big event to come.

This week’s Raw kicked off from Richmond, Virginia as WWE unveiled their major plans for the next PPV, The elimination chamber. In what will be a historic night, three titles will be decided inside the sinister structure. The IC title, the tag titles and the WWE world heavyweight title. So, with so much on the cards, RAW went about its usual business.

Let us look at 5 moments that defined the show.

Time to Bolieve

 Bo Dallas gets a storyline

Bo Dallas has been in the WWE for quite a while now. Apart from being a motivational speaker, the former NXT champion has had little to do. So, the WWE planned to give Mr Dallas his due as they pit him in a storyline along with former nemesis Adrian Neville.

In what looks like a rivalry driven by pure grudge, Dallas interrupted Neville and cost him his match against Payback opponent Wade Barrett. This is a worthy heel turn for Dallas, who has otherwise been a great in ring competitor. This rivalry is evenly matched and will be a good one to enjoy.

Lana – Rusev split

No more hearing ‘Rusev Crushhhhh’

This one was always on the cards and Payback did the honors for us. Lana and long time aide Rusev had a bitter ending to their relationship as the latter felt that it was Lana who cost him his U.S title match against Cena.

The ravishing Russian translated Rusev’s plea in english and that did not go down well with the Bulgarian. He came out on RAW and verbally assaulted her before saying that they were finished. She, however, didn’t look perturbed as she now picked on WWE’s go-to women’s man Dolph Ziggler.

Ambrose vs Wyatt

Solid performance yet again

It's quite amazing how two former mid carders can deliver such quality matches in such a short span of time. Both Ambrose and Wyatt have been ‘hot’ properties in the WWE and this week’s RAW saw them square off in singles competition. The offensive Wyatt and the unstable Ambrose put up a quality match up as the ‘this is awesome’ chant echoed around the arena. 

Just when it looked like they were about to settle the duel, J&J spoilt all the fun as they attacked Ambrose costing him the match.

Tag team elimination chamber match

Highlight of the Elimination chamber

For the first time in the history of the WWE, the tag titles will be defended inside the elimination chamber. This was certainly an announcement that shook RAW and the fans were eager to see the participants. With time not on their side, the WWE had to devise a plan to let the universe know about who would compete for the title. And, they did a classy job of it.

In a match scheduled between Kidd-Cesaro and the New Day on Raw, all other tag teams in the arena ranging from the Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascension and the Primetime players interrupted the bout to get some air time. THe action was fast paced and exciting hence making the chamber match look a lot more interesting.

Kevin Owens

Brash, Arrogant yet still your NXT Champion

Another NXT talent stepped up to the John Cena U.S challenge and this time it was the big dog himself, Kevin Owens. The NXT champion came to a sold put crowd and put up a hard hitting promo about how was better than everyone else. He even ridiculed Cena’s experience before going on to advise the champion.

The crowd gave him a lot of heat as Cena was quick to do some damage control on behalf of Owens. As he proceeded to talk to the NXT rookie, Owens caught Cena unaware and power bombed him in a split second before stamping the U.S title.

This act earned him a match against Cena at the elimination chamber and it will be interesting to see if the WWE would look to put Owens in the drivers seat.

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