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WWE SummerSlam 2015
WWE SummerSlam 2015
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Randy Orton is the possessor of possibly the greatest finishing maneuver - the RKO, and The Viper once claimed that it takes just one RKO to take you to Viperville.

Randy Orton has had a stellar career, winning accolade after accolade! The Legend Killer is a 13-time world champion.

During his magnificent time with the company, Randy has been one of the most skilled performers who always impresses with his in-ring attributes.

The Legend Killer has had memorable bouts with some of the legends of the game! From main eventing WrestleMania, to winning Royal Rumbles, Orton has done it all inside the squared circle, and will surely be inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame one day.

Often acknowledged as a third generation superstar, Randy Orton is one the most technically gifted performers to have ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring. From working with newcomers, to creating enticing storylines with established faces, Randy has done it all.

The Legend Killer has been involved in numerous feuds ever since he made his debut with the company, and it has quite rightly been one heck of a career. Here we rank the top 5 feuds of Randy Orton in the WWE. The list of rivals The Viper has had is so huge that sorting the best 5 of them was in itself a major task.

#5 Mick Foley


Cactus Jack, Mankind, or as we all call him - Mick Foley, the man is an absolute legend. Mick was one of the fearless competitors who put their lives on the line just for the sake of giving the fans a show worth their money.

Orton's first major bout in the WWE was against The King of Hardcore, and that's where The Viper really made a genuine impression over the WWE Universe. It was at Backlash 2004 where Orton collided with Cactus Jack for the Intercontinental title in a Hardcore Match.

Competing in a Hardcore Match against The King of Hardcore made the odds stacked up against The Viper, but Randy's supreme in-ring capabilities were witnessed by the world as the 2 fighters put on possibly the best match of the evening.

Randy's feud with Mick Foley was short lived, but the quality was appreciated by the WWE Universe.

#4 Christian

This feud was filled with energy as the two competitors possess great in-ring skills
This feud was filled with energy as the two competitors possess great in-ring skills

In 2011 when Christian won his first world title, Randy Orton was the man to step up and challenge for the elusive belt. This feud was filled with energy as the two competitors possess great in-ring skills, and the WWE Universe seemed to have loved the idea of watching these men collide.

Orton and Christian competed for the prized asset on numerous occasions, with The Viper coming out on top most of the time. The rivalry went on and on with Christian turning heal, and thus giving this feud a touch of perfection. The two warriors went toe-to-toe, giving the fans something to reminisce about.

This rivalry was more of a one-sided one with Orton winning most of the time, but the backing this storyline got from the WWE Universe was immense.


#3 The Undertaker

This rivalry was majorly given a personal angle
This rivalry was majorly given a personal angle

A 9-month long rivalry which really pushed Randy Orton to great heights! Not many people know about this, but Randy’s first singles match at WrestleMania was against The Deadman at the 21st edition of WWE’s biggest PPV.

Orton was possibly the first man to highlight The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, thus making their match all the more special. The Viper and The Phenom went toe to toe numerous times during their storied rivalry, and even went as far as a casket, with Randy and Bob Orton defeating The Deadman in a casket match. The Ortons didn’t settle with a victory, as they set the casket on fire!

This rivalry was majorly given a personal angle, as not once was a title put on the line during their long rivalry.

The Phenom has had a clash or two with many stars of the game, but his memorable feud with The Viper has a special place in history.


#2 John Cena

Between them, there have been 29 world title reigns
Between them, there have been 29 world title reigns

The Leader of Cenation and Randy Orton have collided on so many PPVs that the WWE Universe has lost count. John Cena and Randy Orton are the two breakthroughs stars of their generation, and their achievements are astounding.

Between them, there have been 29 world title reigns. A truly gigantic number! It is fair to say that Cena and Orton have contributed immensely to each other’s respective career.

From their epic iron man match to the historic world title unification match, the legendary superstars have gone through hell with each other.

Often described as one the greatest modern-day rivalries, Orton and Cena share an unmatched in-ring chemistry, and have showcased that in multi-man matches. The rivalry has taken personal turns on one too many occasions, with Orton once attacking John’s father.

Explaining the magnitude of this fierce rivalry might cause us to write a whole book, but to sum it up, John Cena and The Viper have a long history, and their monumental bouts have a special place in the WWE vault.


#1 Triple H

The Game turned his back on Orton, and the rest as they say is history
The Game turned his back on Orton, and the rest as they say is history

Probably one of the greatest rivalries of this century, the Orton vs Triple H feud is filled with memorable matches. What started as a dominant faction soon turned sour when Randy became the youngest man to win the WWE title.

The Game turned his back on Orton, and the rest as they say is history. The duo have battled on numerous occasions since then, and their rivalry has been nothing short of personal.

Orton infamously attacked the entire McMahon family in 2009, attacking Triple H's wife Stephanie, Hunter’s father-in-law Vince, and his brother-in-law Shane. The Game went one step ahead and ran a rampant attack against Orton at his residence, where he bashed his house with a sledgehammer in order to destroy The Viper.

The duo went on to headline WrestleMania, as the former teammates collided for the WWE championship. Triple H retained the title in a memorable encounter which had the crowd on their toes.

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