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Top 5 Roman Reigns quotes

Believe that..

Top 5 / Top 10 03 Mar 2017, 14:35 IST
Reigns has come out with some interesting quotes – both good and bad

When it comes to popularity within the WWE, there are quite a few wrestlers that rank above good old Roman Reigns. It's a shame that's the case because it should be relatively easy to book the guy, but alas we've been left with a broken toy that desperately needs putting back together.

With that said, The Big Dog has certainly come out with some interesting quotes over the years.

Some of these appear because of their hilarity and others because they're just good sentences to hear. Whatever the case may be, Reigns isn't as poor on the mic as some people make him out to be and more often than not, he's forced to learn scripted promos.

In general, that just isn't good for any Superstar trying to make an impact on the business.

But instead of just dumping all over him like so many fans love to do, we'd like to balance it out with some of the good and some of the bad. There's no doubt that he'll be around for years to come so as opposed to being negative, let's look at the positives as Roman could yet turn into one of the most valuable Superstars the WWE has ever possessed.

With that being said, here are our top five Roman Reigns quotes.

#5 "Sufferin' succotash"

Dear oh dear Roman

The full quote of this one is "Snivelling little suck-up sell out f**k of sufferin' succotash son". Roman Reigns said those actual words to former Shield brother Seth Rollins during a promo, and even The Architect looked startled. Like, what even was that? How on earth did someone think that would be a logical sentence to utter on national television?

Fans still mock Roman about the whole ordeal to this day, and it's a shame as it'll probably stay with him for the remainder of his career. Come on now, it's a quote from Looney Tunes.

Looney Tunes, of all things, really? Honestly, it's been a few years and we're still trying to wrap our heads around it and scientists will probably be doing so for the rest of time. Onto a rather heelish comment from the latest WWE 24 special.

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