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Top 5 TLC matches of our time

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The TLC pay-per view hasn’t been around for ages in the WWE, yet it has had several mind-boggling contests in the past few years. Here’s our five of the best from the hardcore nights of TLC.

5. John Cena vs Sheamus (Tables match, 2009)

I still don’t remember a better one-on-one Tables match than this one in the first edition of TLC, when Cena and Sheamus fought for the WWE Championship. The only way to get a result was to put your opponent through the table and both of them went for so many different ploys that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The two threw punches on the announce table, top rope and kept on trading countless blows until Cena found some extra energy to conjure an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope, which Sheamus countered well by shoving his opponent in the ring. Cena climbed back on the top rope, only to lose his balance and land straight onto the table, hence crowning Sheamus as the new WWE Champion.

4. Edge vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio (Fatal 4-Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, 2010)

A true Tables, Ladders and Chairs match never seems to disappoint a wrestling fan, and this was just one of those classic encounters. Playing in this environment, with all kinds of legal weapons allowed, it was always like playing into Edge’s hands, and he certainly made most of it. The Ultimate Opportunist though had some tough competition in Kane, who was defending his World Heavyweight title, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. The early strategy was clear from Edge, Del Rio and Mysterio, to attack the champion and then look forward to contesting between them later. However, Kane did at times overpower the trio with his sheer physicality. After the early hustles, the telling moment of the match came where Edge threw himself off the top of the ladder straight onto Kane, who was lying on the table. Mysterio on the other hand, tried his trademark onslaughts with the ladders on Del Rio in order to claim his piece of revenge.

At the end, it came down to sealing the chance, which no one knows better than Edge, as he waited for Kane to clear the field with pile drivers and chokeslams to the other two contenders, before lining up the spear to the champion in the centre of the ring. With carnage across the arena, Edge trudged on the ladder to clinch the title and end this exhilarating no-holds-barred slug-fest.

3. Triple H vs Kevin Nash (Sledgehammer match, 2011)

Two former friends came face to face for one last time and the result was one blockbuster of a main event. With Triple H and Nash locking horns in an event known for its extreme rules, it had to be a sledgehammer between the two to make it a special occasion. The match was of course going to be decided on who could claim the hammer hanging above the ring and use to full-effect and Triple H made it after early scampering. After landing some cruel blows with the hammer, Triple H decided on ending it with a pedigree. However, Nash pleaded for mercy by making the Kliq sign and attempting to revive their friendship. Triple H on the other hand was in no mood to end this on a sweet note, as he replied with the crotch chop DX hand gesture followed by another hammer blow to seal an emphatic victory.

2. D-Generation X vs Jeri-Show (Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, 2009)


TLC matches may never have a better advert than this match from 2009. Chris Jericho and D-Generation X battled it out for the Unified Tag Team Championship in the midst of tables, ladders and chairs all around the ring. After the initial attempts to reach the Championship belts hanging over the ring, the match intensified when Big Show chokeslammed DX right through the table and went on to destroy all ladders around the ring. Show made sure that DX would not have anything to climb on to retain the belts, as he lifted Jericho on his shoulders to boost their Championship challenge. Michaels reached there bang on time to land a ‘sweet chin music’ at Big Show, while Triple H came in with a half ladder that was used well enough to win this mammoth battle.

1. John Cena vs Wade Barrett (Chairs match, 2010)

This match marked an end to a well documented feud between John Cena and a mighty force then, the Nexus. After dismantling each member of Nexus in the buildup to this event, Wade Barrett stood as the final frontier ahead of a determined Cena. The match started with Barrett on top of his game yet failing to strike with the chair. John Cena on the other hand upped the tempo with a bulldog on the chair and then went on to give an Attitude Adjustment on the steel chairs to close the game out. But it wasn’t an end to this whole thing as Cena fought him to the entrance before smashing Barrett with a set of 23 steel chairs hanging at the side of the stage.

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