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Top 5 annoying crowd chants that ruin the show

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WWE Universe,
Big Show leading a Yes chant with The WWE Universe.Crowd chants can be a good thing or a bad thing in the world of pro wrestling.

On some occasions, like the night after WrestleMania, crowd chants can be a great way for fans to interact with the stars they love, but there are other times where crowd chants are so annoying that it takes away from the overall experience of the show. In fact, some find that rowdy crowd chants can ruin a show completely for fans.

With that in mind, here are five chants that are extremely annoying and can end up ruining an event if not calmed down properly. Of course, some might see this list as a problem and site freedom of speech as a reason to keep on chanting what they want, but what if they had their once in a lifetime experience ruined by an annoying chant? Would they care then?

#5 Chris Benoit chants.

Chris Benoit,
The Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

Believe it or not, fans actually decided to chant, Chris Beniot, during a taped opening for an NXT event and while the chant didn't last very long, it forced Triple H to respond by telling The WWE Universe to shut up. Of course, he had every right to, given just how bad Benoit's actions were, but it really took away from the experience a bit.

Just imagine sitting down in your seat for one of the most anticipated NXT pay per views of the year and have people all around you shouting the name of a murderer. Furthermore, imagine having that conversation with your young John Cena fan about who Chris Benoit is and why Triple H is telling fans to shut up for chanting it.

That's not a very good situation and totally ruins what should be a joyous experience for parents and children. In the end, the chant happened at the beginning of the show and was probably forgotten by the end of the blockbuster pay per view, but it really had to hurt the immersion aspect of the event.

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