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Top Five Generational WWE Superstars in History

These five men made WWE what it is today.

Top 5 / Top 10 30 Jul 2016, 17:46 IST
This was a once in a lifetime moment at WrestleMania XXX

They are household names.  The non-wrestling fan knows who they are.  Fans adore and love them.

Each man has defined a generation in their own way, a task that is monumental in every sense of the word.  Only a select few were able to be the face of not only eras, but an entire generation as the years went by. 

Fans held on to their every word, bought their merchandise to show their support.  Lastly, these men were involved in iconic storylines that fans today will tell their grandchildren years from now.

Even now, before WWE blossomed into the giant it is greats such as Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair dominated NWA. 

In WCW, Sting was their generational wrestler. 

Their influence is what made those promotions rich in history; fans automatically associate NWA and WCW with the likes of those men.  There was always a supporting act through those generations as well; Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton to John Cena. 

Ted DiBiase, Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, and countless others had a hand in helping that generation figure to unknown heights. 

I can’t forget about The Undertaker.  For over twenty-five years, The Undertaker has taken part in some iconic moments and had a gimmick that has lasted through the eras.  Even in today’s world, his presence and character still works, and that is amazing in itself.

This is more than being a top guy.  Each era that has passed through WWE in the last twenty five, thirty years had their one top Superstar who represented that company. There were countless other Superstars who succeeded in their respective times, but there was one or two who were head and shoulders above the rest.

For now, here are the top five WWE Superstars who defined a generation.

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