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Top heel and Roman Reigns' former rival breaks character and calls him 'the best of the best'

Modified 06 Feb 2020, 03:30 IST

Roman Reigns.
Roman Reigns.

Out of all the Superstars who have risen to the top of the WWE in the past few years, only Roman Reigns can truly call himself The Chosen One. Sorry, Drew McIntyre.

The Big Dog has been pushed to be the face of the company and the fans haven't always been receptive to the idea.

Roman Reigns, however, is still one of the best talents that the company has to offer and even the Superstars backstage respect the former WWE Champion. 

During a recent conference call, Buddy Murphy was asked about the experience of working with Roman Reigns on SmackDown. According to Murphy, Reigns is probably 'the best of the best'.

Murphy admitted that he was pushed into the deep end when he was booked in the Roman Reigns mystery attacker angle on SmackDown in August last year.

Murphy stated that his match against Reigns from the SmackDown episode held in Toronto, Canada last year hit all the right spots and, for him, was perfect.

Here's what Murphy stated:

Roman’s probably the best of the best. It was awesome to kind of get in there and at that time I was on SmackDown, I wasn’t really, I was kind of thrown into the deep end, so as to speak. So I was out there to make a statement and to prove that I can go with the best. You know, I feel on that night in Canada we made magic. It was one of those things where I couldn’t really look back at it and say I would change anything or couldn’t really critique it that much, I thought it was pretty much where we were at the time we had, it was perfect.

Special thanks to Channel 5 for forwarding the complete recording of the insightful conference call. Also, WWE Raw highlights continue this Sunday, 9 February, at 10:30 am on Channel 5.


Published 06 Feb 2020, 03:30 IST
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